Jan 6, 2014

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Adjusting Bathtub Drains

Contemporary bathtub drains, controlled by a lever on the overflow plate, operate in big component from a position of concealment. Hidden in the bathtub overflow tube is a so-called lift linkage that, rising or falling in response to the manage lever, opens or closes the drain in one particular of two approaches. A pop-up drain utilizes a metal stopper at the tub outlet, even though a trip-level drain regulates the outflow of water with a plunger at the intersection of the overflow tube at the drain.

A frequent difficulty of bathtub drains is clogging brought on by the accumulation of hair on the trip-lever drain plunger or on the spring at the end of a pop-up drain lift linkage. To take away the hair, the lift linkage must be removed from the overflow tube.

This is carried out by unscrewing the overflow plate and pulling on it. The exact same procedure is often needed in order to adjust the length of the lift linkage improper adjustment–maybe brought on by faulty installation, possibly by wear and tear–can result in a leaky drain or one particular that fails to open totally.

The a variety of conduits of the drain–the overflow tube, outlet pipe and trap–are significantly less probably to suffer difficulties than those of lavatories or sinks. They are normally made of heavier pipe with sturdy cast-brass fittings that strongly resist corrosion. And their hidden position protects them from accidental knocks.

If your pop-up drain leaks, the O-ring under the metal stopper may be worn. Open the drain and pull out the stopper and the rocker linkage. Clean these components of accumulated hair. Slip on a new O-ring, then replace the stopper, working it sideways or back and forth till it clears the bend in the pipe. Make sure that the bottom of the curve in the linkage faces down.

It really is that simple!