Dec 8, 2013

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Autumn Lawn Care

Soon after a summer of heat waves, torrential rain and every thing in in between, the garden lawn has really had a lot to endure. It might be searching green after the commence of the autumn rain, but the continuous changing climate will already have taken its toll.

Take a close appear at what makes up your lawn. Is it green since it is mossy? Have weeds taken benefit of the vagaries of the climate and invaded your grassy sward? Or maybe games of football, hoards of visitors or other factors have simply worn patches in your carpet of green? If so dont despair, for each and every problem there is a answer.

Autumn Feed

Each and every lawn needs an autumn feed to enhance it just before the onset of winter. Of course your lawn will survive with no a single, but if you want to make sure it will thrive via the harsh winter circumstances and be ready to spurt into growth next spring, treat it to a dedicated autumn feed. Dont be tempted to basically use up some old summer season lawn feed lying in the shed it will do much more harm than very good summer season feed consists of higher levels of nitrogen fertiliser to encourage your lawn to grow soft sappy spring like development that wont fare well over the winter.

Moss Control

Moss thrives in low nutrient conditions, so basically by feeding the lawn you can truly create a increasing atmosphere that doesnt encourage moss. But if your lawn is already mossy then seize the chance to feed your lawn and deal with moss at the same time by applying a double action lawn meals, with moss killer.

In order to have great manage of moss you need to have to alleviate the circumstances that encourage it. If there are overhanging trees and shrubs generating substantial shade, appear at pruning these to let some light it. Aerate the lawn to improve drainage and stop water logging and feed with a dedicated autumn feed to raise the nutrient levels.

New Lawns

Autumn is by far the best time to produce a new lawn. Laying turf is the quickest way to develop a good quality garden lawn. Alternatively you can pick to grow a new lawn from seed. The major positive aspects are the expense, seed is considerably less expensive than turf and you also have more handle over the grass mixture, so you can choose a lawn mix to suit your expanding conditions.

Lawn Repairs

When the lawn is worn in places or simply in need of some interest about the edges, it really is not a challenging task to carry out repairs. Tackle each and every region depending on its position.

[] Worn lawn edges can be tackled in two approaches. You can either re-cut the lawn edges removing the offending edge entirely, or if the damage is restricted to a smaller area, just cut out a ‘turf’ sized section including the broken location. Lift the ‘turf’ and rotate it 180 degrees so that the freshly cut edge lines up with the existing lawn and a new clean edge is formed. The worn patch will now be inside the primary lawn and can be easily reseeded.

[] For bare patches, merely function over the exposed soil, loosening the surface and removing the weeds. Break up any clumps of soil and add some topsoil to boost the seedbed. Scatter the lawn seed lightly but evenly more than the area. Water gently to avoid washing the seed away and hold moist.

[] A thinning lawn can be quickly and effectively rejuvenated by the application of more lawn seed. This is named more than-seeding and is especially beneficial if you uncover the lawn quite depleted after dealing with moss and weed issues.

[] A properly-trodden lawn, or grass on heavy clay soil can speedily grow to be compacted. In hot weather the surface bakes difficult and can crack. Water does not drain freely and puddles kind on the surface. Waterlogged soil is bad news for the overall health of the lawn. It is basic to alleviate in most situations but does require some work. The most efficient solution is to use a hollow tined aerator to eliminate soil cores from the lawn. Brush topsoil or lawn dressing into the resulting holes and repeat annually till the issue improves.

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